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    POSTED 28 AUGUST 2001

    From Princess Diaries to Jungle Book "The Princess Diaries [SOUNDTRACK]" Various Artists
    ...available here.

    *Disney Music
    ...available here.


    "Circle Game: Folk Music for Kids" Various Artists
    ...available here.
    The Music for Little People formula of having a bevy of kids tackle classics weaves gold on "Circle Game: Folk Music for Kids." From "Puff the Magic Dragon" to "Shower the People" and "If I Had a Hammer," the tunes are snappy, hummable, and sweetly sung.

    "Oh Aaron" Aaron Carter
    ...available here.
    Catch Aaron Carter now, before he grows up--which he is doing quite politely, indeed. On his second release, Carter duets with his Backstreet Boy brother, Nick, and delivers a raft of additional danceable, glitzy teen pop.

    "Inside Out!" Jessica Harper
    ...available here.
    On "Inside Out," Jessica Harper trains her big voice on three musical styles--reggae, jazz, and Calypso--just as she aims at the family's heart. Her songs are lighthearted, fun pieces that delve into the family household, which is alternately bustling (shoe-chewing, jazzy dogs) and downright entertaining (a daughter impatient with mother putting the snacks on high shelves).


    "Free To Be ... You And Me (1972 Television Cast) [CAST RECORDING]" Marlo Thomas
    ...available here.
    You might've seen "Free to Be ... You and Me" profiled in a recent "TV Guide." Rest assured, the album's a timeless classic for kids of all ages.
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    ...available here.


    "Newborn" Sara Hickman
    ...available here.
    Folk singer Sara Hickman's "Newborn" is a mother's song cycle devoted to her just-born child. Full of sweetness and light, it's an adorable glimpse into babyness.

    "Toddler" Sara Hickman
    ...available here.
    Hickman's "Toddler" continues the singer's journey into a child's heart. This time around, the menu varies from songs to stories and back. Little tykes will love the variety, and all of it fits the safe-for-parents bill.

    "Ralph's World" Ralph's World
    ...available here.
    Rollicking, ageless, and rustic, "Ralph's World" will scoot boots with its folky, bluegrassy, and fun-loving country heart and soul. There's something here for all ages!


    "Toon Tunes: Funny Bone Favorites" Various Artists
    ...available here.
    George Jetson, Fred Flintstone, Johnny Bravo, and Casper the Friendly Ghost rub elbows on the 36-song "Toon Tunes: Funny-Bone Favorites." These toon themes capture the spirit of the originals with their witty, vivid themes. "Toon Tunes: Action-Packed Anthems" Various Artists
    ...available here.
    Here's 36 more toon themes in their original form, except these are all action-packed favorites, from shows such as "Scooby-Doo" to "Speed Racer" and "Underdog" to "Superman."

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    POSTED 6 AUGUST 2001

    "The Princess Diaries [SOUNDTRACK]" Various Artists
    ...available here.
    It's every kid's dream to be transported suddenly to another life, and "Princess Diaries" captures the dream with humor, sweetness, and a great teen-pop laden soundtrack. Myra, BBMak, Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter, and Mandy Moore make this set a delight.

    "Lil' Romeo" Lil' Romeo
    ...available here.
    Making hip-hop safe for the kids is a mission that thus far has been undertaken in earnest only once (on the Sugarhill Gang's "Jump on It"), but Lil' Romeo's made a great, kid-friendly set on his debut. It's a lesson in rhyming and linguistic skill as well as an often cheery, absurdly fun collection.

    "Wonderful Wizard of Oz: A Centennial Edition" Various Artists
    ...available here.
    If your family loved "The Wizard of Oz," then you'll love the star-studded four-CD reenactment of the L. Frank Baum classic on "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: A Centennial Edition." A Children's Museum of Los Angeles production, the set features Annette Bening as Glinda, Phyllis Diller as the Wicked Witch, and John Goodman as the Guardian of the Gates.

    "Animal Rock" Disney
    ...available here.
    If you're looking for an affordable collection that will pique the kids' interest in the animal kingdom (and pure fun), Disney's "Animal Rock" is a 12-song treasure trove. Who could resist jamming with the likes of "Great! Grand! Gargantuan Gorillas!" or "Never Smile at a Crocodile?"

    "Myra" Myra
    ...available here.
    Sure, Myra is a pop singer in a crowded field. But this singer has bold chops at the microphone, tackling "Dancing in the Streets" with gusto and hugging some sweet ballads tightly. If your kids are on the Britney and Mandy and Christina trip, you ought to spin Myra's debut for something fresh.


    "Celebration of Country" Daniels, et al
    ...available here.
    The good folks at Music for Little People are onto their 14th Celebration title with the new, 11-song "Celebration of Country." The collection boasts Charlie Daniels, Crystal Gayle, Tracy Byrd, the late Chet Atkins, and more twangy stars--all playing boot-scooting gems for the youngsters.

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    ...available here.


    "Rhino Instant Party: We Are Family" Tokens, et al
    ...available here.
    How could anyone live without a collection that opens with the Tokens' "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," moves on to Katrina and the Waves' "Walking on Sunshine," and hosts the Everly Brothers, Sister Sledge, and Wilson Pickett? You don't have to any longer. Just pick up "Instant Party: We Are Family."

    "Instant Party: Summer Sizzle" Ventures, et al
    ...available here.
    If it's not hot enough for the kids, crank up the hip, fun musical heat with "Instant Party: Summer Sizzle." The original versions of "Hawaii Five-O," "Good Vibrations," and "Summertime Blues" are just three highlights among the 14 here.

    DISNEY ,p.* Classic Disney soundtracks
    ...available here.

    * Customers' favorite Disney CDs
    ...available here.

    * Radio Disney!
    ...available here.

    * More awesome Disney CDs
    ...available here.

    POSTED 2 JULY 2001

    "Big Wide Grin" Keb Mo'
    ...available here
    With his "Big Wide Grin," folk-blues star Keb' Mo' sings his soul out for the younger set on tunes such as "Isn't She Lovely" and "America the Beautiful." Though it may be a distinct departure from form, it's one that'll charm kids and delight parents.

    "Atlantis-The Lost Empire" James Newton Howard
    ...available here
    Those kids who might not love the subtle score for "Atlantis" will certainly love the sugar-sweet pop Mya lays down on "Where the Dream Takes You." Take them to see the film and then echo their experience with this now symphonic, now quiet choral set from James Newton Howard.

    "Soundtrack" Deep Space Bass-Toonami
    ...available here
    Space is the place on the animation show "Toonami," and the electronic-tinged themes here come from "Dragonball Z," "Gundam Wing," "The Powerpuff Girls," "Tenchi Muyo," "Sailor Moon," and "Intruder." Hip? You bet. Sleek? Absolutely. Your Cartoon Network fan will be infatuated.

    "Best of Pooh & Tigger Too" Disney
    ...available here
    "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers," "Rumbly in My Tumbly," and "Heffalumps and Woozles" are just three of the Pooh staples on this 19-song set. And don't forget "Little Black Rain Cloud," which languidly charms.

    "Rainbow Connection" Willie Nelson
    ...available here
    If you've got a brood (or even just one junior partner bounding about), you will love Willie Nelson's "Rainbow Connection," with its "Playmates" and "I'm My Own Grandpa," and its folksy family feeling.


    "Papa's Lullaby"
    ...available here
    This 15-song collection boasts fathers from around the world singing and playing their little ones to sleep. Not only will "Papa's Lullaby" be a constant source of musical discovery, but it'll also have you spinning the globe.


    "Atlantis-The Lost Empire" Read-Along
    ...available here
    If it's only partially the music and partially the story that amaze and wow your family, this latest Disney "read along" will keep the memory of "Atlantis" fresh.


    Sweet Hits and Sugar Beats The Sugar Beats are experts at melding yesterday's pop with today's kid-friendly approach to recording, packaging, and arranging--all the while entertaining listeners of any age range. The music is smart enough to entertain adults, which shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with the Sugar Beats--that is, parents who've decided children can handle cooler music than the standard kiddie fare. Here's a guide to their recordings.
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