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"Centre Stage" Michael Ball Our price: $13.99 | You save: $3.99
...available here.
Versatility may be one of the keys to Michael Ball's popularity--he's at home on the West End, on Broadway, or in Vegas--but his no-holds-barred style remains a constant in "Centre Stage," his collection of ballads from contemporary blockbusters.

"The Best of Broadway" The Broadway Kids Our price: $12.99 | You save: $3.99
...available here.
The gifted prodigies called The Broadway Kids gather material from previous albums, ranging from obvious choices to some less predictable material. It's a perfect introduction to Broadway for fans in the making.

"Uncharted Territory" Stephen Schwartz Our price: $14.99 | You save: $2.99">...available here.
Stephen Schwartz has actually had several careers as a composer since he rocketed to fame with 1971's "Godspell." "Uncharted Territory" presents Schwartz singing his own songs--mostly recent pop material from films and the like--in a warm, fragile, boyish tenor.

"Rodgers & Hammerstein - The Complete Overtures ~ Opening Night / Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Mauceri" Richard Rodgers Our price: $15.49 | You save: $1.49
...available here.
This collection gives a wonderful overview of a legendary team in the history of the American musical. It's a fascinating chronological survey of the territory Messrs. Rodgers & Hammerstein together covered, including two rare pieces: the overtures from "Romeo and Juliet" (1953) and the John Steinbeck-based "Pipe Dream" (1955).

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