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"Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People [IMPORT]" Califone Our price: $13.99
...available here.
With "Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People," Chicago's amazing post-blues act Califone reissue both of their self-titled, now out-of-print EPs (on Road Cone and Flydaddy). Picking up where their former band Red Red Meat's warped banjo-prog-rock left off, Califone craft beautiful, somnambuler songs that fall apart and come back together seemingly at whim. For completists, the disc includes two previously unreleased tracks.

"Don't Worry About Me" Joey Ramone Our price: $13.99 | You save: $4.99
...available here.
Joey Ramone's posthumous release, "Don't Worry About Me" , is easily as good as any late-period Ramones album, if not better. His version of Louis Armstrong's classic "What a Wonderful World" is truly touching; it will bring tears to the eyes of even the most hardened punk rocker.

"New Ground" Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise Our price: $12.99 | You save: $3.99
...available here.
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise stray a little further afield for inspiration with their latest. While they don't abandon their funk-blues base, the gang ventures in something of a psychedelic R&B direction on these 12 songs.

"Fool Me Good" Precious Bryant Our price: $14.49 | You save: $1.49
...available here.
Recorded alone with no overdubs, the first full-length solo album from Georgia blueswoman Precious Bryant offers a wonderfully raw but not at all harsh collection of blues, ragtime, spirituals, and early rock & roll. Bryant's steady, driving guitar mixes fingerpicking, John Lee Hooker boogie, and Piedmont-style strumming, providing a perfect backdrop for her energetic and warm, almost sweet vocals.

"Is A Woman" Lambchop Our price: $14.23 | You save: $0.75
...available here.
On the piano-and-guitar-driven "Is a Woman," the orchestra-size group Lambchop tone down the robot country funk of their last few discs to let the subtle songs fend on their own. The lack of instrumental competition allows Kurt Wagner's singular voice to sound even more vulnerable and wracked than usual. The lovely "Bugs," for example, might contain the most underplayed lead vocal in the history of popular music. "Is a Woman" is perhaps best thought of as a companion volume to the Tindersticks' "Can Our Love..." and the Blue Nile's "Peace at Last"--it's a deadpan masterpiece.

"Talkatif" Antibalas Our price: $14.49 | You save: $1.49
...available here.
Thankfully, multiculti Brooklyn-based collective Antibalas don't tinker much with their winning update of '70s Afrobeat on their latest release, "Talkatif." Antibalas's music is funky and politically motivational, like some loose jam between the JB's, Fela, and Sun Ra's Arkestra.


"Glow, Pt. 2" Microphones Our price: $14.22 | You save: $0.75
...available here.
This album of intentionally messed-up folk soundscapes is nothing short of brilliant. All hail Phil Elvrum and the Microphones. "The Glow, Pt. 2" almost makes you not care that there hasn't been a new Neutral Milk Hotel album in four years.

"Idiology" Mouse on Mars Our price: $14.49 | You save: $1.48
...available here.
Mouse on Mars's album "Idiology" is arty post-everything music that's weirdly accessible. None of it should work anywhere near as well as it does. Oddly arranged horns perch precariously atop a clatter of mechanistic, humming tones. Cartoon sound effects, ridiculously sped-up drum sounds, and synth squelches give way to gorgeous strings and subtle melodies. Piano tinklings, phat bass lines, ska horn parts, and skittering insect rhythms layer on top of a deep house-ish, booty-shaking gurgle. Mouse on Mars combine many sounds from myriad genres, asking the listener to discard their preconceptions, wherever possible, and it's all really, really good.

"Cold Vein" Cannibal Ox Our price: $13.99 | You save: $2.98
...available here.
Remember the first time you heard the Wu Tang Clan's debut, how the catchy and bombastic, lo-fi bedroom raps wormed their way into your head so quickly? Cannibal Ox (two young'uns from Harlem, named Vordul Megilah and Vast Aire) have been widely hailed as their successors, and after one listen to their invigorating, wild and wooly El-P produced album "Cold Vein," it's easy to see why.

"Someday My Blues Will Cover the Earth" His Name Is Alive Our price: $14.22 | You save: $0.75
...available here.
His Name Is Alive made a wonderful about-face with their 2001 release, "Someday My Blues Will Cover the Earth," with producer Warren Defever hooking up with gospel singer Lovetta Pippen to make gorgeous, deeply soulful R&B. Hands down, it's HNIA's most solid and satisfying album to date; Defever's haunting songs sound best when sung with such full-throated delivery and propelled by atmospheric, downtempo, bare-bones R&B music.

"Vol. 1-Liberation Afrobeat" Antibalas Our price: $13.99 | You save: $2.98
...available here.
This is an excellent debut; activist Brooklyn collective Antibalas mix Fela grooves, Latin rhythms, and '70s funk on "Liberation Afrobeat, Vol. 1." It's a blast from the past and future simultaneously. What else do you need?



The Ramones are the Beatles of punk rock. Their music sounds as fresh today as it did when they debuted over 20 years ago, and not a single pop-punk band since has surpassed their brilliance. Download a handful of Ramones tracks, including four rare demos.
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